Why So Busy!?

This one is going to be short for a couple reasons. First, I got started late and it’s almost time for me to head home. Second, it’s just a short update about my week so far. It’s been pretty insane (in a good way).

So Monday was a holiday. I worked from home that day so I could save my PTO for another day which ended up being Tuesday. A lot sooner than I was expecting when I made the decision to work Monday. It wasn’t major surgery really, but I wanted to be off work and available just in case. Also it was Academic Excellence at my daughter’s school so I had to check that out. After that we took her out to eat where she wanted to go. I can’t begin to describe how proud of her I am.

I ended up mowing the grass in my front yard that evening. Last night she had a softball game, and it was the farthest away out of all the games she had. It was after the kids’ bed time when we got home. Tonight I’m going to need to finish cutting the grass. The town’s finest apparently came by my house today complaining about it. I wish I’d have been there to tell him he could feel free to have at it since he had plenty of time, but I don’t have plenty of time so of course I couldn’t have been there.

Well I was hoping to get on and stream tonight, but since I’ve had that “lovely” visit today I guess I probably better get back outside and get some more done. I know I had just taken some time off from streaming, but then I was actually working pretty hard at making some changes to the appearance of my stream, but now I’m stuck working on other things but it’s okay. It’s all a part of life. I will be back as soon as I can.

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