Where Is My Mind?

I know what you’re thinking. “That’s an awesome song!” I couldn’t agree more, but this isn’t about that even though it’s now stuck in my head. The truth is I know exactly where my mind is.

It is exactly where it needs to be. I have made up my mind on some long term goals, I have thought a lot about those goals, and now I’m going to start making and completing short term goals to make those long term goals happen. When I say it like that it actually takes a little stress off.

I have come to terms with Mr Krinle no longer being just my gamer tag but being my brand. It is who I am now, and it’s time to put that brand to work.

I’ve also being doing things lately that I should have been doing years ago. I’m starting to properly learn the tricks to my trade. I’m learning about and starting to utilize tools that will help me be better at what I’m trying to do, and that feels fantastic. Of course there are still some bumps in the road here and there but they are just that, bumps.

I’m so excited that I’m not able to sleep right now, haha. I do have to get to sleep though. I already overslept this morning. Keep an eye out for great things in the future!!!

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