Weekly Thoughts 6/14

This is going to be the start of my Weekly Thoughts blog. The point of this is going to be to express thoughts or feelings that I am having this week. It may be similar to other weekly thoughts but it should always at least be different in context even if the main topics are similar (if not the same). Also this is part of my own mental health journey which is going to be the main topic of this week’s blog.

Mental health is more of a broad topic than most people may realize. The thing about it is that it is different for literally everyone and as much as you think about, or even study it, it is impossible for one person to know the feelings inside of one’s mental health.
For example, I can advocate for men’s mental health all I want and I still can’t say that I understand any one person’s mental health any more than another be them male, female, or however else they describe themself. I think a lot about people in general and one of my biggest worries is how people look at themselves. I’m no professional, but in my opinion the most important thing for people is their mental image of themself as a person. 

Even though two people can have the same (or at least similar) opinion about themself, the way they act upon that can and will be different. Two people can both think that they are bad people (even for different reasons) and one person may take that as “well if I’m bad I might as well just act bad” while the other person has depression and thinks the world would be better without them. I’m not saying those are the only two outcomes, but just the two that I’m using as an example.

I use those two examples because I’ve seen them in my own life experiences and I feel like they are both frowned upon or looked down on. That shouldn’t be the case. It is easy to look at someone who seems unhappy and say something like “cheer up”  or “it gets better” when you don’t know or understand their situation, and a lot of times when people do ask it feels like they’re only asking hoping that talking about it will somehow just make it feel better. For some people that might work as intended, but again not everybody is the same.

I know for me personally the biggest reason why I have a hard time reaching out to people when I’m feeling down is because it feels like it is hard for people to listen to me. I don’t mean everybody but people in general. Most times when I have reached out to someone I say a couple things and then I get an earful of someone else’s experiences, and that’s not what I need at that moment.
There are times when people don’t care about other people’s past and experiences. Sometimes people just need someone to hear what they have to say and maybe grunt every once in a while to make sure they know you’re listening. If input is needed it will be asked for, and a lot of times (in my case anyway) it isn’t.

I’m actually going to end this here because I feel like I covered quite a bit without having to cover too much at all. Mental health really isn’t a one and done kind of topic for blogs anyway. I did want to state that I am fine. I’m not depressed or anything right now although I have been in the past.
I’ve been fortunate enough to make my way past that but none of us are immune to the future possibility of experiencing depression, and if you are reading this I want you to know that I’m willing to listen. There are  a number of ways to get in touch with me on my website. I may not always respond immediately but I will as soon as I am able.

As always, remember to love yourself.

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