Weekly Thoughts July 18

So I may have missed a week or two for my Weekly Thoughts posts. I’ve actually been relatively busy.

I’ve seen a big trend lately in vtubing. For those that don’t know that is streaming but with an avatar instead of a camera on you. This is something that I started looking into a little while back before I noticed a big trend in it. I was discouraged at first by all of the expensive equipment needed to do it.

After some time I’ve seen some people that I know of start using an avatar, and I’ve done a little more research into it. It is actually possible to do the avatar thing without a bunch of expensive hardware and software. The only thing is movements (from what I’ve seen so far) are restricted to just your head.

I seem to have gone a different route though. I discovered a site where you can animate an avatar. With this I can, in theory, piece together different animations and make a video out of that. This I plan on using to add some flare to my stream.

Speaking about my stream, I am returning back to streaming full time this week. I have had a few days over the past couple weeks where I have been testing the waters on my current 2 computer setup. It hasn’t exactly been ideal, but I’m eager to get back into it so I’m going to make do the best I can.

Final Thoughts

If you haven’t noticed I have been trying to get the word out about Nevus Outreach. If you don’t know what nevus is or would just like to know more about it go to the link ^ to learn more. You could also check out my blog to see how this topic has effected me.

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