Rest in Peace Loretta Lynn

As most probably know already, the world lost an absolute legend on Tuesday October 4th. Loretta Lynn passed away at age 90, peacefully in her sleep (according to an article on NPR). Reading through articles about her I found myself thinking about the impact she had on everybody. She was definitely a huge inspiration for so many people.

It seems more clear now though just how big of an inspiration she was. She was a big inspiration for women at the time she was getting her start, and all the way to the end. This was a time when people’s ideals mostly kept women at home tending to kids and the home instead of out working (or playing music). Not saying it didn’t happen at all, but it was much less heard of.

Not only that, but also writing songs about her relationship with her husband. There is a good chance that she may have altered some of the facts, but also a chance that maybe not. Back then though it was a lot less common for women to speak out about the wrongdoings of their men.

Aside from being the strong woman that she was, she also inspired musicians. She was a fantastic songwriter and singer. Before being ‘pushed’ into giving it a try she was a quiet shy girl. Her husband was amazed by her songs and helped her into becoming what a lot of people grew up knowing.

I will join those in wishing her peace in her final resting place, and hope that she passed knowing the mark she left on this world.

Articles used for information were found at Google Trends.

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