Oh I Can’t Wait!

This weekend is going to be (as the kids say) LIT!!! Even if I am setting my expectations too high I feel like it is going to be an awesome time. This weekend is the Playthrough Gaming Convention and I’m going with my brother MrBigDaddyT.

I’ve never been to anything like this before so I am super excited. I’ve been thinking all week about how I want to approach this, because I have been planning on taking a lot of videos/photos to use to make a YouTube video. I think that has been my biggest excitement for this experience.

So this is my short blog for this week. I just needed to express my excitement for this new experience, and share it with you all. Keep on the lookout because I may be posting more during the weekend, and keep an eye on my home page because there may be some pictures there on my Twitter feed (or just go follow me on Twitter and drop a line).

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