Not Ned Fulmer!?!

Okay let’s be real here. Before looking into this I had absolutely no idea who Ned Fulmer was, and I’ve never heard of the YouTube show ‘The Try Guys’. Had no idea any of that existed. However, Ned Fulmer is this week’s topic for my ‘what’s trending’ blog.

I would think it is safe to say that if you do know who Ned Fulmer is then you already know why he is trending. Apparently he was in a ‘work relationship’. He and three other guys formed a company after they left Buzzfeed. To me that sounds like he had a relationship with somebody who worked for him, and that just sounds like a terrible idea. I could see having a relationship with a coworker, but not if you’re their boss (or cheating)!

The issue though is not that he had a relationship, but he did so while being married. On top of that, the image he apparently upheld in his YouTube persona was the ‘big time family guy’ type (my words not his). So to cheat on your wife, while upholding this image, really doesn’t go over well with fans. It would also seem it didn’t go over well with the rest of ‘The Try Guys’ because he was yeeted from the group after he admitted to what he’d done. 

And honestly, without filling this blog with bloat that’s pretty much the gist of it. I hope that Ned Fulmer and his family get the peace they need and get this resolved in a timely manner. One article I read said that his wife asked for privacy mainly for the kids, and I totally agree. I don’t think the kids need to be exposed too much to any of the feedback on the topic until they as a family have resolved. 

I only hope well for the family and hope things work out for the best for all of them. It is an unfortunate situation to be dealt with.

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