Learning Blender – My Journey

Okay so this past Friday (July 8th) I made my dive back into streaming with Blender. Of course I had some technical issues on top of being somewhat nervous and out of practice. All in all I think it went well. The interesting part to me though isn’t that I did it but what I was doing during that time.

Blender 3d is an open source program designed to create and edit 3d, 2d, and video files. You can create 3d or 2d animations too. In the past I have made a few 2d animations and also dabbled with creating in 3d as well. However I’m not good at it yet so I feel like I still have a lot to learn even before I decide to start doing things on my own. There are a lot of “ins and outs” that I feel like should be second nature to me when I’m doing this stuff, and I’m just not there. That is what I’m working on during my stream though. 

When I did my stream last Friday I was starting over on some training videos made by Blender Guru. I felt like that was what I needed. A fresh restart. So moving forward a portion of my streams will be me learning new things. I have several ideas but Blender was one that I was really looking forward to learning while hanging out.

Part of my learning experience is going to be relaying the idea of what I’m doing to my viewers. So not only will I be watching the tutorial while I’m doing it, I will also be explaining what I’m doing and why to kind of give the process another run-through in my mind.


All in all I believe this is going to be a great learning experience, and also give me the opportunity to interact with my viewers in a way that playing games kind of holds me back.

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