First Impression: Prism Live Studio

So I’ll keep this one kind of short. I have been super solid with my experience with OBS for a pretty good while now. For at least 5 or 6 years. Today I saw a video comparing it to Prism Live Studio. Other streaming software isn’t a new concept to me, but Prism piqued my interest. So tonight I downloaded it, set up a few simple scenes, and streamed for a little over an hour.

Obviously just jumping into it like that there are going to be a few bugs to work out. There really isn’t that much that went wrong though. I think I had an audio issue, but otherwise that’s all I’ve seen so far. So the initial setup of the scenes wasn’t bad. I think it took maybe 30 minutes to make 4 basic scenes.

I haven’t messed with doing different setups using the same camera, which OBS made easy/complicated with nesting scenes. I don’t know yet how that will work in Prism. There are other things too I still have to meddle with, but I will write a full review blog after I dive deeper into Prism Live Studio.

So my first impression of this software is very positive. I definitely look forward to checking it out more, probably tonight after work.

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