CIAZA Vol 01

So this is one of the new things I’m doing. Fridays are going to be the day that I post part of a story. Every Friday is going to be the next part in that story. A little back story on this one starts about seven years ago. I was collaborating with a cousin of mine on an idea that I had for a comic book called ‘Chimp in a Zombie Apocalypse’. At the time we were working together and saw each other quite often, but after he left that job we really didn’t hang out as much any more. That’s just who he was though, always moving around looking for the right place and time to leave his mark. He unfortunately passed away a few years ago.

So this is in memory of my cousin, and good friend Ian.

Volume 1

There is a crow picking meaty chunks off of a body that appears to have been dead a good while, cawing in between bites. A young woman walks up to the bird. “Sweet, we needed one of these,” she says before taking a walkie talky from the dead body. She turns one of the knobs until she gets it on the right channel and pushes the talk button. She asks, “can you hear me?” The crow caws loudly before she releases the button. “Hear you loud and clear,” says a boyish voice, “and you too bird. Is everything okay?” “Everything is fine. We’re heading back that way now. Probably need to keep the radio to a minimum. I just wanted to make sure it works,” she replied before clipping the radio to her belt. As she starts walking the crow caws once more before taking flight ahead of her. Lurking close by while trying to remain hidden is a clever (and sometimes cheeky) chimp. 

After a short while of walking the young woman closes in on a campsite. As she gets closer to it the sneaky chimp comes out of hiding and catches up with her. “Glad to see everything is calm around here,” she says. “We’ll get to that in a minute. It took you longer than I expected to get back,” replies again the boyish voice from the radio. “We found a few good places to pick from, but we wanted to wait until we had some extra bodies to help carry stuff back.” “Right now might not be the best time, look over there. Those baboons were lurking around a while ago. They got kind of close, and when they finally noticed somebody watching they started throwing rocks and hurried off. I swear it sounded like they were laughing as they ran off.” She looks at him for a second and says, “it seems like maybe they waited until some of the group left before they came in for a look, or maybe just to taunt us. Maybe they’ll piss off after a while. We haven’t been anywhere near their habitat and it is way safer than being out here in the open. I don’t know what their deal is but maybe we better play it safe for now.”

The camp site contains three smaller tents, one larger tent, and a fire pit with some makeshift places to sit around it. The bigger tent belongs to Elizabeth, the unofficial leader of the group. That is also where they keep some of the more precious cargo. Cargo such as a 9mm pistol, two grenades, a sniper rifle, a can of gas, and a tablet computer. “If it comes to it we could probably take them out pretty easily with two well placed shots from that rifle. Assuming one of us is a good enough shot,” she says. The baboons however decide that they aren’t interested in what’s going on here at the moment, or so it would seem. Something still didn’t feel right though. Everyone decided it would probably be best if they put off hunting for supplies, at least until they either felt more comfortable leaving camp or they absolutely needed to. 

This is it for this week, but this will be a continuing story posting every Friday so definitely stay tuned to learn more about this group and the troubles they find themselves in upcoming posts!

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