Burning For You

Okay so I know I haven’t been posting lately like I should. The problem has been that most of the writing I’ve been doing has been in code. If you don’t know, I’ve been working on learning Python lately. 

Most recently I’ve been working on a python code that is a rock paper scissors game. I was watching a video that shows you the basics of making the game which allows you to play the game one time and the program ended, and it was like a command prompt console. I took that code and have kept editing it further (having to look up what I wanted to do and learn that) to make it more to my liking.

Right now I have a rock paper scissors game with a user interface that has a button to exit the game, another button to reset the game, 2 buttons to select either easy or hard modes, and three buttons for either rock paper or scissors. In the game modes I have it set up to reset after so many losses ( 10 for easy and 2 for hard). If you want to play unlimited you just don’t pick one.

So I do apologize for having been absent the last few weeks but learning to code has kind of taken up my time quite a bit. My goal is to start this week on working on stuff for next week and try to stay a week ahead on most things so that I keep having fresh content come out.

I need to work on my website more though so that I can have stuff that I’m working on in coding show up there for more people to see. If you are interested, I’ve been doing work on a website called Replit and they seem to have a pretty good setup for following and collaborating with people. To be fair though I’ve spent most of my time there working solo, but that is my own fault.

Again I apologize for being absent, but hopefully I will be back to posting fresh content for you next week, and I look forward to seeing your thoughts and opinions.

There is a link to join me on Replit on my contact page.

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