9/27 Last Week’s Streams

So, this is something new. I didn’t have one last week because I didn’t stream the week before that so I didn’t have anything to post. Tuesday is now the day that I post about my streams from the previous week. Mainly to talk about any issues I had or whatever was going on.

Finally I feel like I’m getting back into the rhythm of things. I actually streamed 3 days last week and had a pretty fantastic time! Here’s a little secret to go with that too. Monday (the 19th) was my birthday! Of course I had my issues though. I feel like most of the time it isn’t a valid stream unless you run into issues. The two main issues I ran into were, of course, audio and video issues.

The video issue I was having actually turned out to be something simple, and I’m actually proud of myself for thinking of the solution to it myself. So the monitor I game on will go up to 144Hz, but apparently OBS doesn’t like when I use it on that setting. Either that, or maybe because I have my Pc and my cap card both going into the monitor at different Hz it caused an issue. So I may turn it back up to 144Hz and just turn the 2nd input up to 144Hz too and see if it still works fine then. I’ll play around and see if I can get it to work in the better settings but for now I have it working.

The audio issues seem to have stemmed from the video issues (partially). So, because I have 2 inputs on my monitor, and they’re both my Pc, the screens glitch sometimes when I click back and forth between my 2 actually active monitors. It’s kind of hard to explain, but come by my stream and ask me about it and I can explain it a lot better 😉 . So, every time the screens would flicker it would ‘restart’ my audio engines (using Voicemeeter) and my audio would be crackling and sometimes would not come through to the stream.

I feel like I may have now fixed most of the issues I was having.I still have some plugins that need to be updated, but I don’t think that is anything that affects the stream as you see it. I do need to fix one or two of my overlays, and maybe make a couple or few more for specific situations, but all in all I think things are smoothing out. Hopefully this week as I stream I will have less issues and more actual game time (or whatever I’m doing). You can catch my blogs from last week in my VOD section on Twitch.


As always I look forward to seeing you there and hanging out, so stop in and say Hi!!!

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