9/24 Weekly Recap

This past week on The Krinle Show, we started out with a short story one 9/19. This one had a plot twist. You’ll know it when you get there.

On 9/19 I posted a short story. Nothing to do with anything specific about me, just something I came up with. Also just happened to be my birthday, but not biggie.

On 9/21 I posted my take one a current situation dealing with a rising drug trend over the last few years.

9/22 I shared the link to the Shadow Pack Gaming Blog which was released on Monday of the same week.This week was the awesome Elf__Daddy!

9/23 I began my journey into my own ‘zombie apocalypse’ adventure.

Also on the agenda this week is some spotlights for the Amazing Sean Flac!

And last but not least. This wasn’t something that happened this past week, but an even that Shadow Pack Gaming has coming up.

Join us next week for more shenanigans!

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